Frequently asked questions

How do you ship your orders?

We Ship Free to all destinations United States and Canada!

Our suppliers and artists are directly responsible for packing every item with utmost care to prevent accidental transportation damage. Each product is insured and our carriers ship to all addresses (excluding US PO Boxes)within United States and Canada. As soon as your product is shipped from our facility, you will receive a tracking number and using that number you can track the location of your order online.

For most of the items, we will pick the best method from the below available options to us.

  • Standard Shipping (10 to 14 days)
  • Expedited Shipping (5 to 10 days)
  • Express Shipping (3 to 5 days).

Kindly remember that shipping time don’t include processing time and some artwork may require a special curing period. This generally spans a couple of days and never exceeds greater than 5 days.

We bake in a negligible amount of money for insurance purpose to keep your products safe from accidental damage or theft during air or transit. 

Please note that each shipping option has its own restrictions, so while time commitments are made based on general statistics around delivery and shipping times; COVID and other related factors may affect total delivery time.

What Safety measures are in place to protect my shipment?

Shipment Safety Measures

Maintaining the quality of packaging is a very important factor for us and that is why we use high quality materials to pack your products. If your order contains the following items, we will dispatch them separately in suitable packaging. You don’t have to pay any extra shipping cost.

  • Unframed Paintings: These are rolled with proper protective wrapping paper and then sealed in a tube made of cardboard.
  • Framed Paintings: These are wrapped in a protective bubble wrap and then sealed in a sturdy cardboard carton.

Before signing and accepting the product from delivery personnel, kindly check the package carefully to make sure that there is no damage whatsoever. Due to long transit process, the package may not look absolutely neat and clean. However, if you see that the content inside the package is damaged, don’t accept the order delivery. Please contact us immediately and provide your order number for faster solution.

Shipping Limitations

Numerous customs agencies all over the world have forced a size limitation on all imported parcels. The maximum size limit for rectangular-shaped parcels is 42 inches in length and 79 inches in height (Maximum length and girth combined: 108 inches). This rule is followed in almost all the countries. If your order crosses the maximum size limit, we may cancel the order and repay you the total amount.

Once we dispatch your order from our warehouse, you will get a Shipment Notification email with carrier and tracking information.

We assign a tracking number for each order immediately at the warehouse and it appears in our website with other information related to the order you have placed. However, the carrier may take 48 hours or more to upload the order information in his tracking system. Rarely, products are delivered via a carrier who does not provide order tracking facility. In such cases, our website will not provide tracking data. However, it will certainly provide order status and other details.

What is your return and/or refund policy?

The Baroque house offers best quality products and gives high importance to customer satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase due to any reason, return the products to us within 7 days and receive a free replacement or a full refund for the price of the product. There are no hidden terms or conditions in our 7 day return policy. Simply make sure that the packaging is not tampered and send the product(s) back to us in the original condition.

*this is our standard return policy, but it’s not applicable to all items. To learn about the exceptions and the return process of these particular products, kindly go through our list of return exceptions policy.

Defective, Damaged Or Incorrect Items Return Policy

If you received any defective or damaged product , please send our customer care department an image of the defect with an email. Describe the issue in the mail so that we can address your problem immediately. One of our customer care executive will get in touch with you as soon as possible. If the damage can’t be checked via email, you have to send the item back to our warehouse for inspection. We will check the product and take a decision.

Our Return Service email address is

List of Return Exceptions

The Standard Return policies are not applicable to all items. Here are the exceptions of our Standard Return policies and the guidelines for returning the products:

  • Photo to Painting Products
  • Framed Art
  • Oversized Paintings (40" or larger)
  • Gift Cards

Framed art, oversized paintings, gift cards and photo to painting products cannot be returned. If there is any problem with your order process or packaging, kindly contact our customer care team.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you receive any defective or damaged product (photo to painting products, framed art, oversized paintings and gift cards), or if we send a wrong item by mistake, you may get a free replacement for those items.

Standard Guidelines & Procedure

We will inspect the returned products and decide whether the products should be replaced/refunded or not. Please read the following guidelines and make sure that the products you are returning will meet our terms and conditions. The Baroque House has the right to charge up to 50% as refill fee for non conforming products. After receiving the product, we may take 72 hours (max) to complete the entire process.

Inspection rules

  • All returned products must remain in the actual packaging and dispatched safely
  • The returned product must match with the serial number mentioned on the invoice/package. We follow serial number tracking system to judge the legitimacy of a product.
  • Make sure that the product is free from damage of any type, including, but not limited to, cracks and scratches. Do not abuse or deface the product, because we don’t accept tampered products.

What is your mandatory user conduct policy?

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What is the safe shopping guarantee?

Under laws of the federal government, a company that issues your credit card cannot hold you liable for charges greater than $50.00 that result from your credit card's unauthorized uses. Similar types of federal laws about debit cards also exist. Exceptions can be applied, and you will be required to adhere to the rules of the company issuing your credit or debit card. Hence, you are requested to get in touch with your card issuer for more information.

If you are faced with a situation where your card issuer is charging you a fine due to the unauthorized use of your credit/debit card on The Baroque house, we will compensate such an amount up to $50.00. For more details, please contact our customer support team.

Please note that we do not guarantee uninterrupted, constant or secure access to The Baroque House Site or any other affiliated service. The Baroque House website's operations could be intervened by various factors that we do not have any control over.

Safe and Secure Shopping

The Baroque house boasts of a safe and secure online shopping. We know how much you value the safekeeping of your personal data. We use a host of electronic as well as non-electronic security devices and measures to ensure full protection of your personal information and credit card details against any unauthorized access.